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Please note the following letters or comments may not represent results achieved by the average student when he or she applies Rhythm Of The Market Option Magic.

Date: 9/7/2007 
From: rkaiser
Subject: The Magic of ROM

Hi Stan,

What a ROM day!!! After taking two months off I thought it may take me a while to get back in to it. I was afraid I may have forgotten what to do.

Then the day starts with the Employment Situation!!!!  I thought we would have a pretty tight ranged day so decided to do the ES.

Not a big deal.  I thought the worst was over when we got the reversal bar at 10:20am.  Not a high probability trade so I only put on 5 contracts long.  With the strong reversal at 10:35am and the breakdown, reversed my position (small 2 pt loss) knowing we are now going lower!!!  Put on 10 contracts here.

Nice shallows to the uni on the way down…but check out the OSC…awesome DIV.  At 11:30am I am out of my short position for 4.5 points.  We’re at the Lower Uni on the 30min, with a RTF of the low of 08/30 and we are at the MD60%.

Next bar I am LONG.  That OSC is king!!!!  What do I expect next based on ROM?  To go to the 60%ID.  Sure enough, that’s what happens at 12:00pm for and the OSC is @ 80 and the support we had in the morning is now resistance.  I am gone for 4.5 more points.

Now based on ROM, I need to see what the next leg is going to tell me (tenet #1).  We go shallow at 12:30pm combined with mid-uni resistance.  Put on another 10 ES Long.  At 12:40am, the OSC is jammed….we have continuation!!  So even though we retrace, the continuation is confirmed by a shallow intraday retracement and mid-uni.  We are going higher!!!  Nice expansion at 1:10pm, with a RTF and strong OSC Div.  Time to close out the position!!  Nice profit of 4 pts.

Then I became a chicken!!!  I should have been short at 1:15pm.  But ROM gives me another chance!!!  At the shallow at 1:35pm.  Also, the trendline that was support for the channel move up, now becomes resistance.  And check out the OSC.  It can’t get past 53!!!  We are going down!!!

And we do!!  Where does ROM say we are going to go?  I think the 60% ID if not a RTF of the Low of the day based on the weakness of the AVE.  Sure enough, price stops for a moment at the 60%ID and this a RTF of the shallow ret low we saw at about 12:20pm.  So I closed my position for another gain of 3.5pts.

Now where is ROM going to take us?  Most traders would think we are going higher after the retracement  we saw.  But the AVE gives a clear message that there is still strong weakness.  From 2:00pm until 2:40pm the market can’t go higher.  And the OSC is weak at 44 and the AVE is in the lower window.  And the mid-uni is strong resistance again.

With the breakdown of the support we had, I am short!!  Until the OSC is jammed at 3:00pm and does a RTF of the low of the day.  I am gone from my short for another 4 pts.

I am chicken to do the aggressive Long off of the low of the day knowing we just jammed the OSC and that the mid-uni should be resistance and the support we had earlier should also turn in to resistance.  I was patient and the bar at 3:20pm gave me the opportunity to go short.  The OSC couldn’t exceed 53.

On this I picked up another 3.5pts.

And I am writing this at 3:40pm so there is still time left in the trading day and I already have made some 20 pts.  And that is with missing some good trades!

Luv it.

I wanted to run through this BEFORE you post your final chart of the day, so I am not "cheating" off your chart.  I am not going to be "religious" about writing on my charts and comparing with yours.

What a great day!!!!

Ralf Kaiser


Date: 7/25/2005 
Subject: A Note of Thanks

Hi Stan:

Just a note of thanks for all of your help over the last 3 months. The time has gone so quickly.

As you know, I've been trading using your "Rhythm of the Markets" method since the beginning of June. At first I took only the trades that were most obvious to me. As my knowledge increased, I incorporated more "Rhythm" strategies into my trading. Now, as I look back over the last couple of months, I realize that my percentage of winning trades has been remarkably high, certainly over 75%. If it weren't for a few rookie mistakes, my percentage of winners would be close to unbelievable.

Sure, I still have a lot to learn, I'm still trading small and I've only been trading futures. But that's the good news.... more opportunity to come. I'm now following and understanding your option trades and feel like I'll be ready to go by next option expiration week.

Back in April, after our first conversation I thought, "you know, this guy might be on to something". I expected some help with my trading, but what I received was more like a quantum leap.

Thanks again for all of your help and support,

Len Midtgaard


Date: 12/8/2003 6:10 AM  

Hi Stan,

Welcome back.  I'd like to hear about Mexico later.  I have enjoyed your course.  It is quite an accomplishment.  You have certainly taken this much further than the others.  Here is an anology:  Pesavento's course is like high school, Dinapoli's is like college and yours is like stiff graduate work.  I used to think that I knew a lot, not anymore.  Talk to you later and have a great day.



Date: 5/3/2003 7:39:08 PM  


I wanted the again thank you for sharing your methodology and taking the time away from your trading to help teach. It was really helpful to have you critique my analysis. I feel much more confidence in pulling the trigger now that I am getting better measuring swings and spotting commonality on various time frames. I still need to develop more patience once in a trade for price to hit the objectives in order to maximize the profit potential.

Best regards,



Date: 5/6/2003 8:06 PM


I just wanted to say wow! Your rhythm of the markets is truly magic. I was able to predict today (for the first time) where the market was going. It was the most amazing experience to be able to do this. While in my chat room everyone bought puts around the 40% retracement early this morning and I humbly told them that I saw the market heading up and taking out the top due to the shallow retracement along with bouncing of the midline. My target was 937.93 and the price marched up to 937.89 before retracing. What more can I say. I will be re-reading your books again tonight. I am looking to be making some profitable trades next week. Your system is phenomenal.

Thanks again



Date: 5/6/2003 10:08:45 PM


No problem at all. It is because of my experience as trader that I appreciate and value of your methodology. I believe I have seen or tried 90% of the crap out there and your base methodology of Fib retracement and retest/ failure is head and shoulders above the rest. Your stuff has stood the test of time considering I looked at it 9 years ago. The added bonus is that the technical indicators that you use as support to the base methodology are consistently getting better.

Keep me posted as to how the beta version of your 30 minute automated system is performing.


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