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Technical Analysis really hasn't changed much since I started on Wall Street over 38 years ago. If you think about it, virtually all trading systems, software, etc. today approaches mechanical trading the same way technicians have since technical analysis was first invented.

At a recent seminar, Larry Williams said, "Technical Analysis doesn't work" - even though he uses it. What I believe he meant, any technical rule will fail about half the time. Therefore, the question is knowing where to apply the rule (reward vs. risk) and how to measure the odds (probability). Any viable technical approach must quantify both.

It's a wonder then, that most traders consistently lose money with Technical Analysis. Therefore, to succeed you must think and do things differently from the crowd. "Rhythm" can be the answer for you. Here, you will learn and know the probability of success before every trade. It can be be as low as 55% or as high as 90%. Furthermore, you will know exactly how much you should earn before you even enter a trade. It may be as small as 2:1 for a 300 S&P points over the next 10 minutes or as much as 20:1 for 10 times your money in an index option trade over the next 2 to 3 days. YOU learn the rules. Then YOU define your objectives. YOU decide the trades to take or not to take. YOU determine your own success. YOU become totally free of any outside influences. Truly, for the first time, YOU are the captain of your own ship.

Good trading,
Stan Moore

Final Note: I spent 48 Years developing one of the finest most complete trading programs for S&P's & OEX options. The course contains material that can not be found in any other programs, in my Intraday Charts, trading manuals, videos and blogs.

For these reasons and the time I spend with you in personal consultations on the phone or one on one in my training classes or visits; all sales are final. I can not offer any refund of any kind or for any reasons. If you have any questions about this policy please do not hesitate to call me.