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Trading Magic is the culmination of 10 years of teaching students how to trade without letting their emotions get in the way. It can be a stand alone system for trading the S&P 30" chart for 1-3 day swings, as well as a compliment to both "Rhythm" & "Option Magic". It will work best when you know where and how the better trades set up. It can also serve as a trade screener for students who have learned how to trade. It answers the 10-year question of just what bar to trade.

 "TM" is the end result of 18 months work to develop a fully automated, stand alone trading strategy. However, we'll wait for now on the automated part until the present trading platforms show more promise in handling all the variables necessary to trade the strategy. Like "Rhythm" and "Option Magic" we will continue to develop & refine "Trading Magic". The goal will be to trade the 30" and 5" S&P's as well as a number of other markets, yet to be determined on a 30" daily time frame. Our goal is to make your trading as objective as possible. However, I will continue to post my 30" charts with my comments and thoughts as always, about each trade while development continues.

"TM" is based on a well-defined trading methodology that has been taught going on 11 years and based on my 22 years of observing the S&P's. It has been rigorously tested against actual market conditions for nearly 2 years. My students have seen the trades posted on my 30" chart since November 1, 2002.

It was designed to find large winners, while suffering small losses and yet be highly accurate. I hate losses, any losses. The program was designed to eliminate many of the mistakes traders have made in the past.

(1) Tendency to let your emotions become involved. "TM" gives you very specific entries, exits, profit protect and targets. No emotions here.

(2) There are no outside influences or other information needed. Who cares which way the market moves? It is comfortable with both sides of the market.

(3) Traders have no game plan, use seat of the pants mentality. Therefore they lack the confidence and/or discipline to trade successfully. This strategy has worked well for over 10 years. See the performance over an extended period posted on the front page of my website "Rhythm of the Markets". Performance year to date of the "Option Magic" methodology. This has been taught and traded by hundreds of students over the last 10 years.


These programs are only available for lease at the present time.

(1) Take a 30-day trial for only $125. This is fully credited to a one year lease; you just may find that this could pay for a year lease.

(2) Lease month to month for $150.

(3) Lease quarterly for $375.

(4) Lease for one year prepaid for $995. All leases come with my Internet charts for the period of your lease and all upgrades are free during your lease period.

(5) Purchase a lifetime of free upgrades, 1 on 1 consultation, lifetime of charts as long as I am in front of a computer teaching call for pricing.

Should you wish to get involved and want to learn to trade as well as have me work with you on a 1 on 1 basis over the phone before, during and after the trades, see the following; also see my website under "Trading Programs", either "Option Magic" or "Full Mentor Program".

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