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GOAL: Financial Freedom. The Possibility of Earning 50% or more on your invested capital per month within 1 year, trading, at most, only twice a week. It does not matter whether the markets go up or down.

Is this realistic?

I will teach you to focus in the few bigger and better trades each month and not day trading. Since I left Wall Street 59 months ago after a 30 year career there has been 1 trade ecpiration week alone (this week ends the 3rd Friday of every month) that would have returned you at least 5X's your money over 50%. In addition, there are 5-6 more trades a month.

Not only will I teach you how to trade, I will also help you set up your Option Trades with my Internet Real-Time Charts during the day. See attached 5" CHART #5 FOR 1/8/99.

Here I tell you I wasnt to own Puts. If you buy the Puts on Monday January 11, 1999 you could have made 10X's your money over the next 3 days. See attached 30" CHART #4 DATED 1/15/99.

I have developed a "Crossover Indicator" that is over 65% accurate over the last 5.5 years with 1-2 trades per week. See attached CHART #4 1/15/99. (Also, see Signal Results for '99 & '00)

Finally, when you are ready to trade "Real Time", you can call me first during market hours, this allows me to critique your trade and this eliminates a majority of your ealy loser and gives you the confidence to succeed. I believe "Option Magic" is the finest Real Time index option trading program on the market. You can participate as outlined below:


200 page manual "RHYTHM OF THE MARKETS"
100 page manual "OPTION MAGIC"
6 months of internet access to my web charts proprietary software for Trade Station and Real Time audio tape on "How To and When To Trade". Only $100 per month there after.
Daily consultation forever with/or without paying the $100 chart fee for as long as I am trading in front of the computer.

*No refunds, all sales final. Please call if you have any questions.

If you need or want a data vendor and/or software platform, you can obtain trade station for a 50% discount and don't have to open a account. Cost is $99 plus $10 for the E-Mini contract data. For a free two-week membership call me today at 1-800-686-0833.

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