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Stan Moore Will No Longer Retire on 01/02/2009

I no longer plan to retire on January 02, 2009. As of October 28, 2005, the CBOE announced they would commence the trading of OEX 100 Options that expire every week. This means we can now trade very cheap Index Options that expire every Friday instead of only the 3rd Friday of the month. If this works out as I think it will, we can expect to trade options that cost no more than $2.00-$3.00.

I now intend to focus on many other markets with overnight trades lasting days, or even weeks for the traders who do not wish to trade in front of the computer screen. I will continue to focus on intra-day Option & E-minis trading. I will especially focus on intra-day trading of the S&P 500 Futures Contracts. and the new weekly options for multiples of your money. At times I will point out major trades in stocks, ETF's, bonds, currencies, gold, oil and many other potential ones from time to time on my web charts.

Until this expiration fact becomes more widespread, the new "weekly's" may not allow the normal size trades we can do during the monthly expiration week. I fully expect volume to grow over time. Do not use market orders for more than 25-50 contracts, unless using the new advanced trading information found in hedging and parlaying.

All indications of potential OEX Trades on my website are just that. They are for educational purposes only and may or may not be able to execute at mentioned prices or areas.