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Who is Stan Moore? I'm 69 years old. I've been trading over 48 years. I started on Wall Street with a BBA in accounting from Notre Dame 1963. I completed my MBA in Finance from Columbia Graduate school of Business 1967. The next ten years were spent as an analyst/trader. Afterwards, I became the President of Gabelli Investment, where I managed money and headed firm trading for 5 years. After leaving I formed my own money management firm - Moore, Grossman & DeRose. We managed millions of dollars where I compounded money at nearly 30% a year for 10 years. I made substantial sums over these 20 years trading just about everything.

I was through managing money by early 1989. Afterward, I basically sold my trading prowess to the highest bidder for the next few years. I continued to spend money to further my trading skills now focused mainly on the S&P's and Index options. Then something happened. While attending a trading seminar the students asked me to show them exactly how I traded the S&P's. For the next 3 hours the "Guru" flashed 3 minute bars, one at a time with no indicators of any kind. I successfully called and extremely high percentage of the trades ahead of time, just reading price action. Most who watched were in awe, but attributed my success to over 30 years of trading experience. I disagreed, they too could learn. When Joe Conway, a university professor with a Ph.D. in Communications witnessed this, he offered to write a book about my methodologies if I could teach him to trade like me. It was only after the book was written and countless phone calls that I considered becoming a vendor.

Not only have I had a successful Wall Street career, I am recognized and endorsed by many of my peers for the proprietary trading methods I have developed. These are people who have successfully traded and/or taught for 30 - 40 years. They include John Hill, Joe Dinapoli, Larry Pesavento, Dr. Humphrey Lloyd and Kit Webster. Joe DiNapoli recommended me in a 4 page letter to his students. That's class!

Many of you have asked the $64,000 question, "If you trade so well, why do you bother to teach?". See Account Statements. Hey, I'm pushing 70, I'm tired and it's nice not to have to trade. Besides, I never intended to become a vendor but did so by default. Yes, I got part of my expenses back but more importantly, I've met some of the smartest people one could ever hope to meet. They have taught me and continue to teach me more as a teacher than I learned as a student of the market. Today, I am a much better person for it. As for my integrity, please see back issues of the Club 3000 for my many student's comments.

I'd like to end with just a small excerpt from Andy Armour's Club 3000 letter:"From the first meeting, I knew Stan was a winner, both as a trader and a person. I was a complete stranger to him, yet, he invited me into his office and opened up completely to me, showing me all his techniques that obviously took him years to formulate and master. He had nothing to sell me, he was just sharing, one trader to another." This speaks volumes, more than any ad I could ever place.

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