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A Ringing Endorsement "I first met Stan Moore at a "technicians conference" in Florida on January 20, 2006...."

I believe "Option Magic" is the finest, most unique trading program available today. It works because it trades the markets the way they were intended to be traded, not the way you learned elsewhere in Technical Analysis 101. These indexes are artificial markets. They are designed by and for the professional. I will teach you market secrets and things that go on behind the scenes... stuff the average trader will never know. I will teach you how and when to trade, the best times to trade for maximum returns with the minimum of risk. I've even designed special indicators to help you trade these markets in a more mechanical fashion.

I Couldn't Have Said This Better Myself "Your method has withstood the test of time for multiple decades..."

To help you learn faster and better, I limit myself to only 3 new students a month. This allows for significant student/mentor interaction during market hours. I feel there is no better learning technique than that of the interaction between a student and his or her mentor. Almost every successful trader I have ever met has had a mentor who showed them the "ropes". Let me be your mentor! Work with me, trust yourself with this methodology and I'm sure we will both come out successfully in this endeavor.

Yes, everyone tells you he's the best. So why me? I don't tell you, I show you in real time and over the telephone. See, in real time, how I set these great trades up before they happen. You have to see it to believe it. Now I invite you to fully review all my web pages. Click on everything. If you like what you see, go to the "Free Trial" and fill out all the required information. Then call me with any questions at 702-985-3527. Only when you have filled out the forms will I give you access to me and my Internet charts for a period of 2 weeks. There is no sales pressure.

Good Trading,
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